Frequently Asked Questions

The announcement of the collaboration between HDA and ValueCentric to develop Origin is just the beginning. We are in the process of developing and packaging the service; further information will be available on this site as the project moves forward. Those interested in discussing how to register and participate in this service should fill out the contact form and you will receive a call back from us.
The service is targeted for release in July 2017. HDA and ValueCentric will have pricing and subscription information available in coming weeks, some of this information will also be shared at upcoming industry events. You can also contact Origin here.
Yes. There will be a one-time implementation fee (that includes setup and training) and an annual subscription fee for data contributors (manufacturers, 3PLs, re-packagers), and data consumers (distributors and other downstream trading partners). The cost is competitive and commensurate with the data volume a company provides or consumes.
While the very first release of the service will not include GDSN integration, that capability is being strongly considered for future releases, based on feedback from our member companies.
HDA carefully considered many options before deciding to co-develop this service with ValueCentric. The traceability implementation timeline mandated under DSCSA has several milestones that would be difficult to meet without the ability to access and use complete and accurate master data. A primary focus of the service is to efficiently develop and deliver a way to support the DSCSA requirements of the pharmaceutical supply chain.
It will be more than that. Besides being a data repository, it incorporates a service function to integrate problem resolution, and customer support workflow. It will be a single point of contact and communication for all participating product manufacturers and re-packagers and those distributing or dispensing the product. Additionally, it will record the meaning of the indicator digit, defining the new numerical relationships between dispensable units and multi-packs, cartons, cases, and pallets of product. This will be vitally important in warehouse inventory management moving forward.
With an advisory committee of our members, representing both large and mid-size wholesalers and drug manufacturers, we are developing a vision of this service for the future that will incorporate additional features.