Frequently Asked Questions

For an overview, visit the “Product Info” tab on this webpage for specific information about file upload, download and field descriptions. For pricing and a services summary, contact moc.n1642677242igroa1642677242dh@se1642677242las1642677242, or call Derek Janca at (716) 972-2726.
Origin does not store serial numbers; it is more foundational, a master database of product GTINs (the important building block that precedes serialization). For manufacturers, Origin records all product GTINs, and creates a complete master list of available product for use by distributors and dispensers. For distributors and dispensers, Origin will help users populate master data so they are able to tell what products are received and in what quantity by simply scanning the data matrix on a case or carton.
On top of being a data repository, it incorporates a service function to integrate problem resolution and customer support workflow. It serves as a single point of contact and communication for all participating product manufacturers and re-packagers and those distributing or dispensing the product. Additionally, it records the meaning of the indicator digit, defining the new numerical relationships between dispensable units and multi-packs, cartons, cases and pallets of product. This will be vitally important in warehouse inventory management moving forward. Origin on its own does not enable data exchange, but it is an important tool to streamline data exchange for the supply chain.
Subscription price varies based on the size and type of your organization, and is designed to be fair and competitive. There are contracts for both data providers (manufacturers and repackagers) and data users (distributors, dispensers, and re-packagers). A one-time implementation fee is assessed (that includes setup and training) as well as an annual subscription fee. The subscription cost can be easily justified by eliminating the potential time and expenses needed to individually deal with trading partners to fix data problems.
While the very first release of the service does not include GDSN integration, that capability is being evaluated for future releases, based on input and feedback from our member companies.
Serialization partners and third-party logistics providers can interface with Origin on behalf of their manufacturer partners, without additional cost. The manufacturer simply needs to be an Origin subscriber. We are currently working with multiple partners on their processes to make the data exchange between them, their clients, and Origin as smooth as possible. Additionally, to increase quality, an Origin API Certification is offered and available without charge to help third-party partners demonstrate their ability to efficiently interface with Origin.
Signing up now gives organizations plenty of time to establish strong internal processes ahead of the next deadline. The Origin team is here to help mitigate any packaging or data issues in the supply chain. Additionally, early adopters of the platform will have the unique opportunity to help shape future developments and guide the roadmap for the service.
With an advisory committee of HDA members, representing both large and mid-size wholesalers and drug manufacturers, we are developing a vision of this service for the future that will incorporate additional features. We are continually evaluating enhancements to meet the needs of customers including expanding fields and capabilities. We welcome feedback and suggestions from all companies.
Origin is an HDA product, developed in partnership with ValueCentric. Origin was designed with feedback from HDA members and has a plan to continually evolve with industry and user feedback.