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A large wholesaler receives roughly
Units per day

From over
Additionally, In the US there are
wholesale distribution centers
and each receives approximately
unit product returns per working day

Source: HDA Foundation: Factbook, 87th edition, 2016

Industry stakeholders would be challenged to build and staff an infrastructure for manual queries and data sharing to manage master data for each individual GTIN.

Interested in participating in the Origin Beta?

Data Contributors (manufacturers, 3PLs, re-packagers, etc.) – click the link below to view the layout guide for file uploads.

Data Consumers (wholesalers, retailers, health systems, etc.) – click the link below to view the layout guide for file downloads.

Origin allows for industry collaboration in the following way:

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    Manufacturer Upload

    Subscribing manufacturers upload their GTIN-14 catalog into Origin. This source of master data becomes a trusted location for trading partners to obtain valid GTIN-14 data. Click here for the upload layout guide.

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    Wholesaler Download

    Each subscribing wholesaler regularly downloads the universal list of GTIN-14s from this single, trusted location to populate its local, internal database. Click here for the download layout guide.

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    Product Scan

    At the loading dock, wholesalers use their scanners to record the GTIN-14 data found on incoming shipment product labels. The data are matched against the universe of GTIN-14s from Origin that are stored locally in each wholesaler’s system

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    No Match

    In the event of scanning an unknown number, the wholesaler alerts the Origin team, who opens an investigation into the unknown GTIN-14

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    Contact Manufacturer

    The Origin administrator contacts the manufacturer that shipped the product

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    Correction Entered

    The manufacturer corrects the problem with the master data and enters the changes in Origin

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    Subscriber Notification

    Subscribers are notified of the correction. The revised/corrected database in Origin is made available to all subscribers, for download to their local systems or available on the user portal

Steps to Prepare for Going Live with Origin

Data Contributors

(manufacturers, 3PLs, re-packagers, etc.)

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    Register your GTIN prefixes with GS1

    The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) identifier is part of the GS1 system of standards. GS1 maintains the uniqueness of the GTIN namespace by registering GTIN Prefixes with parties which will be assigning GTINs to their products. Within the pharmaceutical space, that prefix will be based on the FDA-assigned labeler code which is part of a product’s NDC number. In order to secure your namespace for GTIN assignment, you should register your GTIN-14 prefixes with GS1 today. For more information, contact GS1 or visit their website at:

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    Establish your packing hierarchy

    The GTIN differentiates between multiple packing levels and configurations for the same product NDC. Origin will be the source of information which provides your trading partners insight into the meaning of each of your GTINs. In order to add your GTINs to the Origin database, you will need to know the relationships between them. When adding a GTIN to Origin which represents a container rather than an each, you will need to provide information about what GTIN is contained within, and how many units of that GTIN are included.

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    Determine your contact personnel

    In addition to storing information about GTINs, Origin serves as a single point of contact when trading partners raise issues with product identification. Origin support will need to know which personnel within your organization to contact regarding these issues. These contact personnel should be the individuals who will address the issues directly in order to ensure quick resolution of issues and smooth flow of product throughout the supply chain. These contacts should be employees who have direct responsibility and authority to update product information.

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    Prepare your systems and personnel to provide data

    Origin’s initial launch contains a limited set of fields in order to simplify the process of getting your GTIN data into Origin. Detailed layouts and file formats are available on the Origin website.

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    Inform your trading partners that you intend to provide GTIN data for your products via Origin

    In order for your trading partners to access your uploaded GTIN information in Origin, they must also subscribe to the service. To ensure your trading partners are able to access this information, be sure to let them know you intend to provide the details they need in Origin.

Data Consumers

(wholesalers, retailers, providers, etc.)

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    Prepare your systems and personnel to receive data

    Origin’s initial launch contains a limited set of fields, intended to provide everything necessary to receive products and understand their contents. Detailed layouts and file formats are available on the Origin website.

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    Inform your trading partners that you intend to receive GTIN data via Origin

    In order to access information about a given GTIN from Origin, that information must be uploaded to the system by a contributing member company. To ensure that your trading partners include their information in Origin, be sure to let them know you intend to find the information you need in Origin.

Download the Preparedness Guide

(for data consumers)